VETINO Jaggy Praha


VETINO Jaggy Prague Veterinary Clinic is currently the largest non-university referral clinic in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our basic philosophy is the professionalism of the doctor, which is a decisive factor in solving medical problems. We respect the unified system of education of veterinary specialists in Europe and we maintain good professional relations with leading European experts. That is why our doctors regularly go on several-month long internships to top workplaces throughout Europe and the United States. Pleasant and professional communication with our clients as well as high-quality technical equipment is standard.

The idea to establish a veterinary referral clinic in Prague began in 2004. MVDr. Vojtěch Novák teamed up with MVDr. Petr Šrenk, who until then founded and ran the VETINO Jaggy Brno veterinary clinic. Up until that time, it was the only referral clinic in the Czech Republic. A custom building was designed and constructed taking into account the needs of the clinic’s operation and enabling it to offer some innovative services. Construction began in March 2008, the grand opening took place on 15 February 2009.

Our clinic is named after the Swiss professor of veterinary neurology André Jaggy, Dipl. ECVN, who is a top specialist in his field and was MVDr. Petr Šrenk’s main teacher of neurology during his education at the University of Bern in Switzerland.