VETINO Jaggy Praha



  • MVDr. Vojtěch Novák, CertVA

Anesthesia at our clinic is conducted at a high level to ensure patient comfort and safety.

Each anesthetized patient has his or her own anesthesiologist, who examines them, prepares an individual anesthetic plan corresponding to their condition, and the performed procedure which is to be performed, and takes care of them throughout the anesthesia and in the postoperative period.

All patients have secured airways by intubation of the trachea as well as having an intravenous catheter. Heart rate, blood pressure, composition of inhaled and exhaled gases, oxygen saturation of tissues, body temperature and other variables are constantly monitored throughout the procedure.

Local and regional anesthesia techniques are routinely used, which significantly reduce postoperative pain, as well as the necessary dosage of general anesthetics. Of particular note among these techniques is epidural anesthesia, suitable for all procedures on the back side of the body.




Our hospitalization is located in a quiet level of the clinic. With direct access to the fenced walking area. Hopitalization for cat patients is separate from the area for dogs.



Our patients have individual cages at their disposal, equipped with soft and non-slip pads, so that they have every comfort. Patients which are laying down have cages supplemented with anti-decubitus pads.

The administration of infusions and drugs is ensured via infusion pumps. For critical patients, an intensive care unit, oxygen box and incubator are also available for hospitalization.

Hospitalization regime:

There is continuous monitoring throughout the hospitalization, providing not only the common needs of our patients (individual walking, feeding and watering, cleaning), but above all permanent professional care (clinical condition monitoring, drug application, rehabilitation).



  • MVDr. Linda Vítězníková
  • MVDr. Martina Kaufmannová

Internal Medicine

  • MVDr. Marie Kadeřávková

We provide solutions to the following problems:

  • gastrointestinal problems (stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, biliary bladder) manifested by vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice
  • urinary problems including excessive drinking and urination (PU / PD), hematuria, stranguria, polakisuria, acute or chronic renal failure, urinary stones, urinary tract obstruction, urinary incontinence
  • hormonal and metabolic diseases such as overproduction or insufficient production of thyroid hormones, adrenal problems (Cushing’s syndrome and Adison’s disease), diabetes mellitus, hypercalcemia, etc.
  • respiratory diseases (cough, dyspnoea, exercise intolerance)
  • infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and other infectious agents
  • other diseases causing unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite and lethargy

For the diagnosis and therapy of these diseases, we use not only our above-standard technical equipment, but above all our many years of knowledge and experience:

  • thorough clinical examination of the patient
  • ultrasonography (including sonographic diagnostics of portosystemic shunts)
  • cytology (with immediate evaluation of the finding)
  • own hematological and biochemical blood analyzer
  • gastrointestinal endoscopy (gastro, duodenum, colonoscopy)
  • cystoscopy (including diagnosis of ectopic ureter)
  • laparoscopy
  • bronchoscopy
  • rhinoscopy
  • biopsy
  • digital radiography
  • oncological diagnostics and therapy
  • fluoroscopy
  • special laboratory diagnostics
  • oxygen box with thermoregulation and nebulizer



  • MVDr. Vojtěch Novák, CertVA

In the field of cardiology we provide the following services:

  • radiological examination of the thoracic cavity
  • outpatient ECG examination
  • echocardiographic examination including Doppler examination
  • indirect blood pressure measurement
  • diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
  • diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, acquired valve defects and cardiomyopathies
  • treatment of pericardial diseases
  • surgical procedures – PDA, pericardectomy, pacemaker implantation
  • treatment of acute and chronic heart failure
  • echocardiographic examination of dogs before inclusion in breeding lines


Ferret Medicine

  • MVDr. Linda Vítězníková

We offer the following services to our ferret patients:

preventive care: vaccination, microscopic examination of ears (Otodectes cynotis), certificate before the exhibition, feeding consultations, treatment of claws, teeth, paranal glands, USG diagnosis of pregnancy, castration of males and females (surgically and hormonally)

instrumental diagnostics: digital X-ray, USG (sonography), echocardiographic examination including Doppler examination, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), cytological examination, blood examination – biochemical, hematological, endocrine hormones (on hold or in an external laboratory)

surgical procedures: castration of males and females, removal of neoplasms, procedures on the ears, procedures on the digestive tract, including removal of foreign bodies, dental treatment, surgical treatment of insulinoma, histological sampling,…
internal medicine: therapy of diarrhea, vomiting, cough, conservative management of patients with insulinoma, therapy of cardiovascular diseases,…

anesthesiology: anesthesia of ferret patients takes place in the same high standard as in other patients, ie, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist throughout the period of anesthesia until complete awakening. All patients have secured airways by intubation of the trachea, have an intravenous catheter. Heart rate, blood pressure, composition of inhaled and exhaled gases, oxygen saturation of tissues, body temperature and other variables are monitored.

Neurology & Neurosurgery

  • MVDr. Petr Šrenk, DVM, Dipl. ECVN
  • MVDr. Miroslav Přikryl
  • MVDr. Pavlína Frajerová
  • Dr med. vet. Korina Šlogar


  • MVDr. Tereza Štěpánek Zavadilová

Preventative Medicine

  • vaccination of dogs – vaccine brand Nobivac
  • vaccination of cats – vaccines Purevax and Nobivac
  • preventive deworming
  • sampling for coprological examination
  • treatment against ectoparasites – fleas and ticks
  • examination of animals that have injured humans
  • examination of dogs and cats before the show or a trip abroad
  • microchipping dogs and cats, issuing pet passports
  • general preventive examination of young and geriatric dogs and cats (clinical examination, blood and urine examination)
  • determination of progesterone level and determination of a suitable time for breeding
  • pregnancy diagnosis (sonographically, radiologically)

Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy

As part of accelerating recovery, we offer our neurological and orthopedic patients passive and active physiotherapy, including hydrotherapy in a rehabilitation pool equipped with an underwater treadmill.



  • MVDr. Zuzana Tomášová

Thanks to the high standard of general inhalation anesthesia, we also offer dental treatment for more anesthetically demanding patients (patients with general diseases, including heart disease, geriatric patients, miniature and brachycephalic breeds). For greater comfort of our patients during and after the procedure, we routinely use local anesthesia techniques.

We offer the following dental treatments for dogs and cats:

  • dental examination
  • tartar removal with ultrasound
  • polishing of teeth
  • extraction of damaged teeth (open and closed technique)
  • treatment of oronasal fistulas
  • treatment of gingivitis, gingivostomatitis
  • home care instruction